Vieste & Surroundings

Vieste is an amazing bathing village on the West side of the Gargano, the amazing land of the sun, sea and wellness, rich n ones of the most important holiday destinations of the Apulia. The city since years is visited by thousands of tourists that, coming from all Europe around, choose to spend unforgettable holidays on the beach but they do not want to give up to art and culture.

The origins of Vieste seems to date back to the Paleolithic: the mild climate, the fertile ground and the sea rich in fishes were the advantages of this area. It worth a visit the ancient center of Apeneste, that developed between the V and the VI century BC. The most ancient part of Vieste still today shows a historic beauty with its typical narrow streets.


Among the most beloved places by tourists we want to talks about the striking Cathedral, that was built in the XI century in a romanic-pugliese style, and the majestic Castle, whose construction has been wanted by Federico II in 1240. In the surroundings, there are also a lot of marvellous grottos, among them the Rotonda, the Viola and the Smeralda, and the blooming Foresta Umbra, a true biological heritage of the Apulia and the Southern Italy.

The city center, due to the carsic nature of the territory, spreads itself on a typical rocky peninsula, known for its natural points of interest, as the bays and the beautiful peaks of San Francesco and Santa Croce. The peak of Santa Croce, above all, is where is located the local harbour that is also the starting point for the Tremiti Islands. It worths to be also mentioned, among the most appreciated tourist destinations, Pugnochiuso and Peschici. The territory around Vieste, is limited by two sandy beaches that are so amazing that, more than once, worthed to Vieste the Blue Flag of Europe, for its clear waters.

Vieste is also included into the National Park of the Gargano and is included into the Mountain Community of the Gargano. The southern beach of the city, known as "del Castello", is enhanced by an impressive faraglione, 25 meters high: it is the legendary Pizzomunno, a monolith whose are told so many stories. The legend talks about love and pain: it seems that Pizzomunno, a fisherman, who suffered a lot due to the loss of Cristalda, beautiful girl with golden hair, turned himself into a rock.

Any century the beloved girl comes back to the land to join again, in a unique night, with her unforgotten lover. So, if you choose Vieste for your holidays, you will live a dream holiday by spending relaxing and funny days...


The amazing Gargano promontory, also known as the "spur of Italy" thanks to its typical shape and geographic position, is included into the most appreciated holiday destinations, due to the various activities and the natural and cultural attractions offered to its visitors. This place was visited since ancient times, as testified by the so many proofs that have been discovered. This amazing territory, surrounded on three sides from the clear waters of the Adriatic sea and on one side adjoining the Tavoliere delle Puglie, includes the known National Park of the Gargano.

The enchanting city of Manfredonia, in the Province of Foggia, is the most southern city of the promontory and, due to this, is known as the "Porta del Gargano" (door of the Gargano). Its visitors seem to appreciate above all the majestic Castle, built by king Manfredi and Carlo d'AngiĆ². Among the surrounding bathing resorts, it worth a visit Mattinata, 15 km far, that has a wide coast.

30 km at the North of the Gargano, rises from the Adriatic waters the amazing archipelago of the Tremiti, a jem of the Apulia, among the most prestigious destinations in Italy. The archipelago is compund by the Islands of San Nicola, San Domino, Capraia and Cretaccio, and a lot of little surrounding islands, that are not inhabited. Among the most popular destinations of this area there are Rodi Garganico, known for its plantations of citrus trees. More than the excellent coast, who loves cultural holidays can here admire the Sanctuary of the Holy Mary della Libera.

From Rodi Garganico are easy to be reached some of the most known places of the Apulia, such as the luxuriant Foresta Umbra and the striking lakes of Lesina and Varano. It worth also a visit the spiritual city center of San Giovanni Rotondo, that is destination of a lot of pilgrimages, and that hosts the body of the Saint Pio from Pietralcina. Among the monuments of interest there are: the ancient church of Sant'Onofrio, known for the baptistery of San Giovanni (also known as "la Rotonda") and the hermitage of the capucines Santa Maria delle Grazie, where Saint Pio lived.

The Trabucco

Once you are on the Gargano, it is impossible not to notice the "trabucco" or "trabocco", an ancient fishing machine that was used along the Adriatic coast and that is protected in the National Park of the Gargano. The Trabucco is a machine made in wood and anchored to the rock and that overlooks the sea.

The marina in Vieste is a wonderful show of colors: the golden bay, that is soaked by the light blue waters of the Adriatic sea, and the surrounding emerald Mediterranean scrub. On the Gargano coast, one will be astonished by the landscape Vieste offers, close to our hotel: a beach made of a tiny sand, the rocky walls of the Gargano that cliff into the sea giving life, in some points, to the amazing, enchanting marine grottos.


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